About me...
I have taught Yoga for the past 13 years to very many personalities of Kolkata, where I used to live. I am now based in Pune over 5 years. My aim is to be good and do good for mankind, to dedicate my life for the betterment of others and to share the joys of life with all.
A few of my achievements:
Qualified Physiotherapist and Yogatherapist with Castle Corner since 2005.
The Telegraph,T2 columinist since Feb 2007.
Introduced Aqua-Yoga Therapy classes in Kolkata since 2006 at Solace.
Participated in Yoga Camps for children at CC&FC club and DI club.
Conducted Yoga Camps for kids at Solace regularly.
YOGA Life Style Tips...

CHAKRASANA [spin-wheel pose]

Lie on a mat supine facing, bending both legs at the knees to rest the feet on the mat. Draw arms too to bend at the elbows with palms inverted either sides of the ear. Now with a deep breath in, draw up the entire back into the air with just palms and feet on the mat. The entire spinal column has to be raised on the strength of the shoulders. Exhale and continue to breathe holding the extension for 10/20/30 counts. Can be repeated 3/5 times.

HALASANA [plough pose]

With back on the mat, arms by the side, raise both the legs from the hips slowly up with a deep breath in. Bring them to land above the head on the mat/floor on toes, exhaling slowly. Place both the arms in folded position above the head and hold breathing to 30/60 counts and repeat if necessary.